Journaling Toward Moral Excellence

Journaling Toward Moral Excellence is an opportunity to...

  • Move beyond knowing what is right, to loving what is right.
  • Discover for yourself the value of moral strength.
  • Learn to make practical applications in your own life with all you have been taught about love, determination, loyalty, and leadership.
  • Learn to think and reason morally for yourself.
  • Begin to enjoy today the benefits of virtue, as moral truth moves beyond your intellect, and into your heart.
  • Make wiser choices when your moral standards are challenged, remembering what you wrote from your heart about honesty, purity, honor...
  • See for yourself the benefits of living life God's way as your thoughts pass from your mind, through your heart, and to your hand in writing.
  • Begin to experience the freedoms gained by being self-motivated and spiritually reliant only upon God - key ingredients to a lifelong relationship with Him.
  • Be better prepared and equipped for the challenges and transitions of your future with your plan for success in writing!
  • Become more skilled in your ability to communicate well in written thought, a talent that will be useful to you in being a positive influence in the lives of others.
  • Create one of your most precious keepsakes - written photographs of your heart!

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