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He Makes All Things New. Even You.

Pre-denominational Christians were minimalists of the best kind. They not only rejected the trappings of materialism (Acts 2:45), they were unencumbered with the extra-biblical teachings and traditions that unnecessarily rob too many believers today of the freedom in Christ we were meant to enjoy. Authentic, restored Christianity is clean. It’s not wasteful, and in primitive Christianity alone, God has placed genuine happiness, deep fulfillment and indescribable freedom. Your Fresh Start is an opportunity to spiritually de-clutter your soul and even your church. This book discusses the five spiritual essentials every human being cannot live without: a relationship with our spiritual Father, His wise instruction book for life, a Savior for your eternal soul, your spiritual family, and taking pleasure in the pristine simplicity of living daily for God’s purposes.  Times of refreshing come from just one place― the presence of the Lord (Acts 3:19). He makes all things new (Revelation 21:5), including you. You were born for this.

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Free Bible Study Downloads

Written and Compiled by Cindy Dunagan, these Bible Study Resources are written to teach all ages. Studies include Lesson plans on 12 Virtues, 12 Foundations, Journaling toward Moral Excellence, Be Still and Know Journal, and Now Fly - a Lesson series specifically written for young women.

All are welcome to download for personal and public use, no credit required.

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Mark's Online Bible Studies and Resources

Mark Dunagan has been a preacher and teacher of the gospel since 1983 and participates in a weekly LIVE Facebook and YouTube broadcast called Answering Religious Error. As well as having written commentaries on every book of the Bible, he has over 1200 audio lessons available to listen to from his time as an evangelist at the Beaverton church of Christ in Oregon.

All are welcome to use and share these resources for personal and public use, no credit required.

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Wisdom All Aglow

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Older Women Likewise

Older Women Likewise (OWL) is a LIVE online program where older women share God's answers to the challenges younger women face with creative and practical ways to implement the virtues prescribed in scripture to help meet spiritual goals, live God's way, and personify joyful Christianity.

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