Be Still and Know - Journal for Adults



Free for Personal Use. Written and Compiled by Cindy Dunagan.

The Be Still and Know Journal is a tool for self-inquiry and spiritual growth. It includes writing prompts to help order a flourishing prayer life, including: Writing for spiritual, intellectual, relational, emotional and physical wellness. 

The writing prompts related to prayer include five aspects we find in the scriptures: 
Praise: the very reason we were given life. 
Confession: God already knows the truth. He says it’s good for you to humbly acknowledge your sins, struggles and weaknesses so the clay of your heart is softened enough, so He can set you free. 
Intercession: Who in my life or outside it, at present, needs God’s grace, mercy and direction most? Take the time to be other centered in your petitions. 
Casted Care: God has the power to change the things we cannot change. Unburden your load this day at His merciful throne and watch what happens. 
Thanksgiving: Expressing one’s gratitude to the only Source of all that is good will open your eyes to how you have been baptized in blessings. Gratitude fuels us to 

The writing prompts that follow next, help track intellectual, relational, emotional and physical wellness. 

For many, journaling is an integral part of pursuing God with passion and to use even dark moments to draw near to God.  As one unknown author has stated, “Sometimes our lives are like a very tangled necklace. Writing helps us untangle it. Once you write it down on the page it actually leaves your body. Once you put it on the page, you are able to see your life.” 

May you find this journal to be just that!