Journaling Toward Moral Excellence - For All Ages

Each journal contains 100 pages that include both a writing prompt and a corresponding Bible verse.


Free for personal use. Written and compiled by Cindy Dunagan.

Volume One begins with the basics of laying a moral foundation, by using prompts in simple vocabulary. Although this journal is appropriate for all ages, it is worded simply enough for the young writer in the elementary years to understand the writing prompts. What better way to introduce a child just discovering the creative gift of writing, than to have the earliest essays be relating to godly values? What a treasure these early compositions will be. In time their work will become a precious keepsake!

Ten reasons why your children should be Journaling Toward Moral Excellence:

1. Children remember 10% of what they hear, 50% of what they see, and 90% of what they do. These journals are an engaging, hands-on, spiritually meaningful exercise that will be retained in the heart and mind of your child. When children are thinking and writing about virtue, moral truth moves beyond the intellect, into the child's heart, where the benefits of a changed character begin to take place. When thoughts pass from the mind to the hand, in writing, they must also pass through the heart.

2. Children need to discover for themselves the value of moral strength. By writing their own reasons for being honest, courageous, joyful, or compassionate, and so on, children learn to think and reason morally for themselves and to see for themselves the benefits of living life God's way.

3. These journals will be a tool to help prepare and equip your children for the transitions of life. While journaling, the preteen is preparing for adolescence, and the changes brought by this crossroad. For young adults, these journals help equip them for the blessings and responsibilities of adulthood. By providing an opportunity to consider and write about topics that will ease the transition to adult life, Journaling Toward Moral Excellence prepares the writer to respond constructively to the inevitable challenges of life. There's no better way of 'thinking ahead' than having one's plans on paper.

4. Moral training is the most valuable aspect of education, and the best assurance of a happy future for the young souls you have been entrusted with and love. By journaling toward moral excellence, your child learns how to apply all that you have taught him about love, determination, loyalty, honor, and so on. By making these applications, your child will see how embracing virtue can help make a life that they can look back upon with more fond memories, and fewer regrets.

5. Meditating upon virtue and writing from the heart the 'who, what, where, when, why and how' of righteousness, brings the young from merely knowing what is right, to loving what is right. When your child loves what is right they are free to enjoy the benefits of being spiritually self-motivated, and spiritually reliant only upon God's key ingredients to a life long relationship with Him.

6. These journals are a parent's spiritual barometer to measure how well moral instruction has taken root in the souls of their children.

7. As your children develop their ability to communicate well in written thought they will become more equipped to be a positive influence and touch the lives of others. The impact of a virtuous, articulate person during a time of moral famine is immeasurable.

8. What better way to introduce the child just discovering the creative gift of writing, than to have their earliest essays be about godly values? Journaling Toward Moral Excellence is a meaningful opportunity to meet the young person's newly growing desire for self-expression.

9. As years pass, the more treasured these journals will become to you and your children and maybe even their children one day! Collecting the writings of your children will be like collecting photographs of their dear hearts.

10. Journaling Toward Moral Excellence is a quiet, reflective, and lovely way to either start or finish the day! We all need to slow down long enough to reflect upon concepts of eternal value!

Journaling Toward Moral Excellence is an opportunity to...

  • Move beyond knowing what is right, to loving what is right.
  • Discover for yourself the value of moral strength.
  • Learn to make practical applications in your own life with all you have been taught about love, determination, loyalty, and leadership.
  • Learn to think and reason morally for yourself.
  • Begin to enjoy today the benefits of virtue, as moral truth moves beyond your intellect, and into your heart.
  • Make wiser choices when your moral standards are challenged, remembering what you wrote from your heart about honesty, purity, honor...
  • See for yourself the benefits of living life God's way as your thoughts pass from your mind, through your heart, and to your hand in writing.
  • Begin to experience the freedoms gained by being self-motivated and spiritually reliant only upon God - key ingredients to a lifelong relationship with Him.
  • Be better prepared and equipped for the challenges and transitions of your future with your plan for success in writing!
  • Become more skilled in your ability to communicate well in written thought, a talent that will be useful to you in being a positive influence in the lives of others.
  • Create one of your most precious keepsakes - written photographs of your heart!