Now Fly - Bible Lessons for Young Women

Written and Compiled by Cindy Dunagan
Free for Personal Use


Now Fly!: A Six-Lesson Series to Spiritually Strengthen the Wings of Young Women was written for young Christian women preparing to fly the nest for the first time. Ideally taught during the summer after finishing High School, it is a resource for any young woman seeking to strengthen her spiritual wings and transition successfully toward a lifelong spiritual dependence upon God alone.

This series includes: 

  • Under His Wing: Knowing and Loving Your Spiritual Father
  • Getting Into The Groove:  Establishing Lifelong, Life-Improving Habits
  • Getting Over Ourselves: Finding Joy In This Life And in The Next
  • Real Love: How To Keep Men From Making You Shortsighted
  • Now Fly! : Preparing for a Successful Flight to Spiritual Self-Government
  • Running A Tight Ship: The How's and Why's of Living An Ordered Life